other recent websites

www.flagbiography.com - the website for the book Flag: An American Biography from St. Martin’s Press.

www.elizamcgraw.com - the website of freelance writer Eliza McGraw

www.johndickerson.com - the personal website of Slate Magazine chief political correspondent and author, John Dickerson.

www.anamariecox.com - the personal website for author Ana Marie Cox, (formerly Wonkette), now the Washington editor of TIME.com.

www.mkeating.com - featurung the photography of Michael Keating.

www.onhertrail.com - the website for the book On Her Trail: My Mother, Nancy Dickerson, TV News’ First Woman Star from Simon & Schuster.

www.thepoliticallyincorrectguidetothesouth.com - a website promoting the book The Politically Incorrect Guide to the South (and Why It Will Rise Again) from Regnery Publishing.

www.myfitnesscaddy.com - a website touting better golf through better fitness.

www.beautybychristine.com - a website celebrating the artistry of acclaimed make-up artist Christine Roy.